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Don’t get me wrong,  I am thankful we have a day earmarked for the planet.  It’s just that when I typed it as a stand alone, it is striking:  Earth DAY.  Maybe that’s part of the dilemma, part of the challenge.  As one day standing alone, it’s a spike or blip, on a radar screen.  One hiccup of awareness, one hope of reaching for the best.  Having shared my dismay, I also live with great praise that we have an Earth Day.  Earth Day gives us time to remember the wisdom and poetry of others: “A pale blue dot.”(Carl Sagan);  “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”(Henry David Thoreau); “It’s spring again.  The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” (Rainer Maria Rilke).

It is also a time to wonder about our waste, our footprint.  We’ve been pretty active recycling for three decades.  Did you know there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 254 million tons of stuff that needs to be recycled?  What portion of that belongs to each one of us?

Sorting and processing differently is not enough.  Broader, longer-term thinking is needed.  Physics make it clear that we need to keep 80% of the fossil fuels in the ground. That still leaves us an available supply, but it is limited.  You and I can make a difference if we think generational.

I challenge you to take a self-inventory.  What part of the millions of tons of waste belongs to you?  Count it; write it down.  How many trash bags, sandwich bags, cups from the drive through (paper or plastic),  do you use each week?   Are they paper or plastic?  Do you know which is wiser for the earth?  What temp is set on your thermostat…and your water heater?  Are you willing to turn off your AC this spring and summer?  If not, would you consider giving up 1-2 days a week and keeping it a few degrees warmer on the rest?  How many cell phones in the family…and therefore batteries?  What about your car gas mileage?  It is possible to ride-share at least part of the time?  Does your church building have ceiling fans?  Will they use them every Sunday this summer?

Friends in Christ, let’s: Preach it!  Teach it!  Do it!  Post your suggestions to encourage and add to the possibility list for the rest of us.  God’s creation, the future of the earth and all generations,  are well worth the effort. Together we can make a difference.    (Rev. Dr. Janine Wilson)



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